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A little history.....

Gemma Divine has been singing since she could talk.  Choirs, folk groups, choral groups and as the lead singer in the band, Carma, Gemma sang until she moved home to Rochester.  Sure that part of her life was done she spent her time with her family.  Then Jeff happened.

Jeff Meteyer has been playing guitar since he was 9 years old, starting out in a church choir.  His 12 string guitar was bigger than he was! High school bands were always  an interest of his, but his dream was to play in a band.  So he kept up his guitar skills and added piano.  His basement became a home for anyone looking to jam.

Jeff and Gemma have known each other since they were kids and played in the church folk group together.  Then life happened and almost 40 years past before they would see each other again.  When they reconnected  several years ago, it was apparent still they shared a love for music and for performing. A home video of a jam session in Jeff's basement caught the attention of Julie Dellario,  half of the Mike and Julie duo, and she invited Gemma and Jeff to perform at an open mic event.  And the rest, as they say, is history....


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